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How is LGSF better than conventional systems?

There are numerous factors that make LGSF Construction a superior choice. LGSF technology is now slowly getting its due importance as many PMAY projects, State Govt Mass Housing projects are now built with LGSF Technology. With the recent rise in cement & sand prices, non availability of good quality sand for constructions, water scarcity, problems in retaining laborer’s for long months, many of the builders are now looking for alternative high-efficient, faster, affordable construction solutions.

As LGSF is considered more environmentally friendly than conventional systems. Steel is a recyclable material, and the manufacturing process produces less waste compared to concrete. Additionally, steel-framed buildings can be designed to be energy-efficient, reducing their long-term environmental impact. 

Steel is inherently fire-resistant, which can be an important safety feature. LGSF structures can better withstand fire, reducing the risk of structural failure in the event of a fire. Non-flammability of light gauge steel structures is a critical constraint for some types of structures. The most basic method of fire protection/safety is to combine steel with fire-rated sheeting and drywalls.

Steel-framed structures are known for their strength and stability, making them suitable for high-rise buildings, earthquake-prone areas, and regions with extreme weather conditions

LGSF construction offers numerous advantages, including speed, sustainability, strength, cost-effectiveness, precision, flexibility, reduced maintenance, energy efficiency, and reduced material waste when compared to conventional construction methods. These benefits make LGSF an attractive and sustainable option for a wide range of building projects, addressing the modern construction industry’s challenges and demands. 

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