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Adavantages of Light Gauge Steel Framing

Much Faster Construction

LGSF is much faster compared to RCC. It takes almost 1/3rd time to complete a project in LGSF compared to RCC.

Ease of Construction

As it is fully designed and manufactured through a roll forming machine, the construction process is very easy.

Accurate Construction

Fully integrated computerised system with CNC machine provides very high accuracy upto 1 mm.

Structural Safety

High strength to weight ratio. Earthquake force generation is less due to light weight. Chance of progressive collapse are therefore less.

Lighter foundation

Structure being light, does not require heavy foundation.

Unlimited Design Flexibility

Both modern and conventional designs can be made in LGSF.

Cost control

Cost of structure can be ascertained as per client budget.

Faster ROI

Construction speed is very high ROI is realised very quickly.

Does not Shrink, Wrap or Decompose

LGSF does not rot, shrink or wrap unlike wooden structure.


LGSF frames are in itself non-combustible.