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Light Gauge Steel Frame Manufacturer in Eastern India

JADRO STEEL LLP is a  Leading, fast growing modern Pre-fabricated Steel Building Solution company of Eastern India with a young and enterprising team consisting of Architects, Designers & Engineers providing complete end to end solution. It is the most reliable Light Gauge Steel Frame Manufacturer in Eastern India .  We have a broad base of technical expertise in Prefabricated Steel Structures such as Modern Steel Structure houses and Commercial Buildings, Angular, Tubular, PEB Factory Shed, Multi-level warehouse, Logistic Handling Facility, Cold Storage, Hall, Aircraft Hangers, Foot Bridge, Mezzanine Floor, Covered Multi-Level Parking Lots, Bridges, Storage Tanks, Mobile Towers, Transmission Towers, Flood Light Towers, Fire Escape stairs, Pergola Structure, Sky walk, Facade Interface, Solar Panel Support Structure, Process Industry Structure, Industrial Machinery Equipments and many more fabrication items. 


Our innovative state-of-art technology (LGSF) is faster for manufacturing and erecting buildings. Advanced high tech software is used to model the whole building in 3D, applying all possible load conditions like live load, dead load, wind load, earthquake load etc and resultantly designing a strong steel framed structure which can withstand all the above mentioned loads.

We as a one-stop shop for integrated steel infrastructure solutions help create vital facilities keeping in mind the client’s unique requirements as our topmost priority. We design, manufacture as well as erect tailor made infrastructure in the form of a cost effective solution. We pride ourselves on being committed to taking care of our client requirements down to minute details. After understanding the dynamic requirement of the client, we do a comprehensive design study of the infrastructure required and then only come up with a customised design. We make sure that minimum steel is used with corresponding load factor. The design is modern, most cost effective and also meets the specific needs of the customer.

Our turnkey steel structures help our customers kick start as well as expand existing business in the shortest possible time. On one hand we are committed to on time delivery and on the other hand we refrain to negotiate on our workmanship as well as our quality. Our work creates aesthetic value for modern and upscale facilities.

We at Jadro Steel Design, Manufacture & Erect Modern Steel houses, Bungalows, Villas, Resort Structures, Site Offices, Roof Top extension structures, Commercial & Office Buildings, Training Centre, Canteen structure, PEB Factory Shed, Multi-level Warehouse, Mezzanine Floor, Pergola Structure, Facade Interface, Solar Panel Support Structure to name a few. Our LGSF Steel Buildings are 100% Customised, Aesthetic, Durable and Green Building with inbuilt stability.


Our Core Company Values

We design, fabricate as well as erect tailor made steel structures in the form of cost effective solution. Quality focus drives our business rather than volume focus. We pride ourselves on being commited to taking care of our client requirement down to minutest details. 

Our Motto

Q = Unmatched Quality 

P = Right Price 

T = Stipulated Time Delivery


What We Offer

Layout Drawing

We will help you to get the result you dreamed of. Built using a single design that can be fabricated using different materials and methods to meet various structural and aesthetic requirements.

Architectural Plans

We provide architectural design services for our esteamed clients.

Light Gauge Steel Frame

Cold-formed steel is the primary construction material used in this technology. LGSF can be used on roofs, floors, walls, decks, and the entire building.

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Advantages of LGSF Technology


Conference Room

Multi Dimension Roof Structure

Roof on Roof Top

Worker's Nest

Quarantine Centre

Dry Wall Partition

Bungalow Project


Out House

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Set up your own business with LGSF construction technology

Certified contractors can market and bid for their own project  with valid quotations and estimations prepared by our qualified and experience team.

Certified contractors will also be elegible to get busniess leads from Jadro Steel LLP for projects happening in their areas of opration and on succesful bidding can be awarded the contract. 

Special discounted rates for all raw material inputs will be provided to the certified contractors so that they can make good margins in project  after project.