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1. Floor Plans

We provides floor plans. Floor  are essential to any architecture project. With a floor plan, you can see everything in your space as if you took the ceiling off and were looking down. Think of yourself as a giant looking at the plan from a bird’s eye view.

There are a few different kinds of floor plans, each with their own purposes. One kind of floor plan is a 2D version, which usually includes measurements of the space, like how long the walls are and where the doors are located.

There are also 2D versions of furniture plans, which are floor plans with furniture drawn in them. The focus here is less on measurements and instead on how objects (like couches and tables) fit in the space. The floor plan above is a 3D model of a furniture plan. You can see how the entire apartment looks with furniture from above, giving you a way to see not only how objects fit in the space, but how specific furniture pieces look together.

2. Site Plans

Site plans are similar to floor plans, however, you get to see the entire building with a site plan. Site plans can be of anything from a single home to an entire apartment complex.

Depending on your scope, you can have one building’s floors detailed (like above) on a site plan. If you’re wanting to show how multiple buildings relate to each other, you can create a separate site plan to represent that.

The site plan you see here is a 2D site plan. This plan is focused on calling out specific measurements of the space. Like the floor plan, you can have a 3D site plan. Creating one of these would give you more details on the look of the space instead of listing measurements.

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We offer a complete range of project services covering both Light Gauge Frame and Structural Steel solutions. We can contribute to all stages relating to the specification, manufacture, logistics, delivery and installation of frames and structural steel work. Involving JADRO STEEL at an early stage will expand the scope of your options and allow us to propose bespoke solutions that optimise quality, lifetime performance, cost/value and programme efficiencies.



3D modeling

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2d planning

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