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Our Services

We offer a complete range of project services covering both light gauge frame and structural steel solutions. We can contribute to all stages relating to the specification, manufacture, logistics, delivery and installation of frames and structural steel work. Involving JADRO STEEL at an early stage will expand the scope of your options and allow us to propose bespoke solutions that optimise quality, lifetime performance, cost/value and programme efficiencies.

We can provide the services listed below in any combination to match your requirements and to enable seamless progress on your project.

  • Survey at Site
  • Layout drawing
  • Architectural Plans
  • 3D View
  • Foundation Plan
  • Design & Manufacturing of LGSF Structure
  • Assembly
  • Erection
  • Supervision
  • Execution of Interior & Exterior


JADRO STEEL LLP specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Pre-Galvanised Profile Steel Structures. The proven light gauge steel frame structure are extremely versatile and offer extensive scope for design and configuration innovations.

  • All of our light gauge steel frame structures are made from Pre-Galvanised steel which is rolled to order, cut to size and drilled before being pre-assembled into sections.
  • Each individual section is numbered and batched together in sequence before delivery to site. This ensures that the frames can be assembled with maximum speed and efficiency.
  • The JADRO STEEL LLP'S team is constantly applying innovation to all stages of design, manufacture and delivery.


Our in-house designers can create innovative, efficient and practical frame structures which respond to and complement the overall building design.

  • Our in-house design team can produce detailed 3D models which allow us to carry out a 'virtual walk through' of the project, before final sign-off.
  • Once approved, an electronic transfer of details to the factory ensures the accurate and timely manufacture of the individual components - including dimensions, hole locations and any counter forming requirements.
  • The JADRO STEEL LLP'S Design Division offers comprehensive technical support from the initial enquiry right through to project completion.