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About Us


We feel that traditional building techniques are now failing to meet the major challenges being faced by construction industry in India today, resulting in a growing need for more innovative & modern methods of construction that are safer, cleaner, more efficient, environmentally sustainable option and which minimize disruption while guaranteeing quality cost and speed. Jadro Steel fast track facilities are designed as permanent buildings with a structural design life of 60 years & above and can be used for permanent or interim requirements. We are able to offer a full design and supply service, including architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural solutions, and therefore can provide a turnkey package for all needs of our esteemed customers. Our steel framed modular buildings give you the greatest design flexibility together with unrivalled freedom of appearance, use and layout. By implementing latest design and technology, faster execution process, we make sure that the result is a quality product achieved with total customer satisfaction.

Now for the first time in Eastern India, Jadro Steel offers best in class LIGHT GAUGE STEEL FRAME STRUCTURE(LGSF) framing solution across an extensive range of infrastructure projects. We provide a complete package from planning, designing, manufacturing, assembling, on-site installation to meet customer requirements.

Our LGSF Steel Buildings are 100% Customized, Aesthetic, Durable and Green Building with inbuilt stability. Our innovative state-of-art technology is faster for manufacturing and erecting buildings. Using the core strength of high tensile steel, its light gauge steel frame structure system allows multiple applications across commercial and residential sector.

LGSF comprises of Cold formed steel which is shaped by guiding thin sheets of steel through a series of rollers in a CNC machine, each roller changing the shape very slightly, with the net result of converting a flat sheet of steel into a C/S-shaped section. This process enables LGSF formation.

Moreover, these products are durable, efficient, have high strength, require low maintenance, and are high performing. Made from high grade raw materials, our products are assured for rugged construction and long functional life. This light-gauge galvanised steel system is effective in constructing modern, contemporary designs over multiple stories. These structures are so designed so as to function as independent load-bearing frames capable of balancing vertical as well as lateral loads down to the building foundation.

This choice of structural design enables us to take up multi-storied pre-engineered building projects with confidence and execute them with perfection. We are able to thus cater to a wide range of architectural styles, which can serve well across varied building types in various grades and dimensions as per the requirements of the customers. Moreover, we offer comprehensive assortment of products in customized designs as well, specifically in compliance with the customer requirements. Moreover, we have a strict control on product development process that helps to eradicate any flaw far before delivery.